One of my female friends got a boob job and its starting to become an issue?

i'm a little unsure of the timeline of exactly when she got the work done on them or even exactly what she had done to make them seem a lot better and bigger than before , they definity aren't the same boobs she had last summer , they just have more movement to them and visually appear much bigger when you see her standing beside you. i'm thinking she had something done to them last fall as thats sort of when i lost touch with her for a few months then she reappeared one night at bar and showing off this rediclous clevage at a party one night and seen her a few times since and they definity aren't the same as before.
and its starting to become an issue as i like them so much i can't help but check them out when ever she is around me at bar , its not that i haven't seen a nice pair of boobs before its just she's blonde and has the body to go with it and the boobs really look good on her. but i think she's starting to get annoyed by me at times and does pick up on fact i like her boobs.
so not sure where to take this , i haven't even asked or she told me she got a boob job yet its just pretty obvivous that she had something done to her boobs , so thats still sort of something we haven't discussed. i don't know if i should like just compliment her on them? i mean she is pretty out there in terms of clothes she wears in public and appears comfortable with her sexuality and body image. and does show them off when she's out at night? i mean its not like she is trying to hide them when she is at bar?


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  • It sounds like she's flaunting them so I see no reason for her to get upset. Ask her about them just to clear the air, you're only reacting naturally.

    • but its a bar so some girls dress pretty revealing at times but I do think she is flaunting them for guys to see and notice

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  • have sex with her bro... lol jk
    Good for her though
    just keep your eyes on her eyes and dont treat her differently
    treat her like you did a year ago

    • I mostly still treat her the same , she is extremely good looking for her age , like playboy hot , blonde 20 something European background and she works out a lot at gym and I've never really tried to make an issue of her looks in that sense. her boobs are just too hot to ignore at the moment

    • Lol! yeah man i guess so
      Just compliment her on other things, and she will see that you pay attention to everything not just her boobs =)


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