What do you girls think about online dating?

is it lame, lazy, creepy, or whatever what do you think? I mean college seems like people are too busy with everything or they act like their "too cool" I mean online dating seems good if women would actually be honest.


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  • personally, I'm with littletad on this. I mean, its cool lets sayy if you had a gf, in high school, and then went out of state for college,but just meeting someone online, and than "dating" them just makes you sound desperate. I mean seriously, wouldn't you rather have a girlfriend you can actually hang out with, instead of only being able to communicate with your girlfriend through online, and a phone? but really, its your opinion on it. if you think its cool, than great, that's awesome. bu personally, I wouldn't even try it.

    • WELL YOU MEET UP WITH THEM ON A DATE SAY THEY LIVE CLOSE, the people I meet in classes are already involved with someone or their too busy, then people I knew in high school go to college out of town, and every time I go to a store there's just a bunch of older people, then the younger ones are in like huge packs of girls, then I only have two friends and one has a girlfriend, then the other has friends that are girls but their involved with someone and every time I go to a bookstore it doesn't wo


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  • dating over online is a stupid idea trust me it only gives hopes and wishes and makes you dream about someone you can't meet .but online dating websites for old people to me lol.

    but if you where dating someone on Facebook,my space...etc not bad but it has the same results ( dreaming, wishing , hoping ) most of the time danger to female. you know what I mean.

    • I honestly don't know wehere to meet other single people, I've tried so many things and I fall short and endup being left out, all the girls at work have serious boyfriend or are married, people at school are involved, engaged, or too busy, I mean damn I've been trying and looking for almost two years and have fallen short pretty much every time and I'm looking for something better.

    • Yea I can't help you in this,sooner or later you will find someone you just need to make friendships with girls ( without benefit ) and you just need to know what do you want in a girl,

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  • its better finding dates in the real world(dating in the virtual world remains virtual)

    u can try online if you wanna polish ur skills

  • It screams desperate, and usually has more consequences than rewards.

    • Well I've tried so many different things and I always end up being the odd one out I actually want someting in life instaead of always looking and falling short