Actually busy or uninterested?

This girl has been showing signs of interest in me but some red flags as well. We have hung out once before. When I asked her out the first time she went through her whole schedule and explained that why she couldn't. I waited a few weeks later and said we needed to hangout. She agreed but said she didn't know her schedule because her parents were visiting from out of state (it's true she posted pictures). I know she only sees them like twice a year and she is young. That sounds like a legit excuse. Some people say she is just not interested and others say she is Busy. She has no problem texting me though and continued talking to me after I mentioned hanging out. She continues to like my social media pictures as well. Would a girl who want interested do this?

I just find it odd that she would go into detail and explain everything.


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  • She sounds interested. But I also think if she's really interested she'll try to find time to be with you. Maybe you should wait to see if she mentions something :)


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  • She's busy. But if you guys ever make plans and she keeps blowing them off, then I would definitely put the brakes on it.

    • So what should I do?

    • Keep trying. But if it persists, let it go. If she's really interested, she'll bring it up or hint at it.

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  • sounds like she's interested otherwise she'd ignore u more often

    • That's what I'm thinking.