20 year old female dating a 29 year old male with a child... Is this strange?

We've only been on 3 dates but they lasted quite a few hours. I'm 20, and when he asked me out he thought I was older. But I guess he is okay with it. And I actually prefer older men, for various reasons, mostly because of the maturity and life experience. We get along super well. I enjoy his company and he enjoys mine. He talks about future plans between us, so I know he is thinking seriously. He was married to a woman before, and they dated for about 8 years. He kissed me tonight, which isn't moving too fast because it's been 3 dates. He seems to really want to get to know me and tell me everything about himself (on the surface, like having a child and past relationships and career things).
Are there any red flags?

I live with my parents, of which one is an over protective father. I haven't ever had a boyfriend. My dad jumps to conclusions, makes up his mind about people, and thinks men are bad news.

I don't want to date this man behind his back, but how do I tell him I'm dating a 29 year old man who also was married before and had a child who is 5, and now they are divorced and he has partial custody. I mean, i am understanding and I do not hold it against him whatsoever. But my father, he will. What do I do?

im old enough to make my own decisions, so I am not going to let my dad dictate things for me. But my dad is also my best friend so I really don't want things to get rough between us.


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  • There really isn't much you could do to change how he'll react. If you were my kid, I wouldn't react well to that, and it is something I wouldn't do myself. It's not a matter of judging people, exactly. That's just a very sizable life experience gap, and no 20-yr old is ready to be a parent figure to a child. You can't get into a serious relationship with someone who has a child and avoid that, and it's asking a lot for someone who has never had a boyfriend. I'm in my 30s, and when someone tells me they have a kid it kills interest because I know that dealing with a child is too much work... plus, children get attached to you, and the relationship might not last.

    The only thing you can do is have your dad meet and get to know this guy, and if he really is a good guy, more than likely, your father's opinion will change. But seriously, I would not want my kid in this situation, especially as their first boyfriend. I would not want the relationship to progress to the point where he's meeting me, if I'm your parent.


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  • Do you honestly need our validation? I mean, you sound happy with him and that's all you need!

  • Ask Tyga. Im sure hell say its all good


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  • I don't think it's strange