What's wrong with being Asians?

I don't see what's wrong about being an Asian, or half Asian. I'm half Asian half white, same with my sister. She looks more white than me though. He has light brown hair and green eyes, I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. She has basically white skin. I have white skin but a little yellow undertone to it. I love myself and I feel special, but people always tell me how they notice my sister looks more white and maybe I should dye my hair lighter blah blah why do people say this? I love myself the way I am I'm half I don't need to try to look more white what's wrong with being an Asian? Why are people racist? I mean my dad is white my mom is Asian they love each other lol and I don't see anything wrong with that. Some people even say "if only you have a white mom" like wtf is wrong with people?


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  • You and your sister both sound really hot to me.


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  • There's nothing wrong with being Asian, Latin, black, white, Arab.. etc. anyone who says or believes that there's anything wrong with that are ignorant creatures who can just fuck off.

  • Nothing I call Asians the race I would lust after if I was not loyal.

    • Wrong. Asians are not a second option.

    • Tell that to my white wife. I dint really start to even look at Asians till I met her.

    • Haha classic comment. That's why my dad is married to my mom.

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  • Good for you. I never hear Asians, whether half or not, say they love themselves and feel special--they always seem to want to be white or accepted by white people. Don't let other people make you feel like this. I always look at Asians who are like that and feel that they should be ashamed of themselves. There is nothing wrong with being Asian or half-Asian. Many Asians are attractive.

    • Thank you for the understanding it seems like lots of people are thinking whites are superior or more attractive or whatever the hell it is hence some people said if only my mom is white :/ But yeah my mom is full Asian she is gorgeous sometimes I want to look full Asian like her lol but I like my white part too I just don't know why people think whites are better whenever they say they it pisses me off because I can imagine how painful my mom would feel if she hears all that shit..

  • Deal with it. Your sis is hotter.