Do you know any guy who likes/loves her but he can not text her for very long time, anyone explain?

Do you know any guy who likes/loves a girl, gives her presents, pays for her on dates, is honest and respectful but he can not text her for very long time if there is no need ( im not talking here about anything intimate, we do not had)? like one time he havnt been texting for 3 months and when i texted we had a normal convo and he liked that.
We live far away now so we meet rarely and im always iniciatting it, but it because he is a very busy guy ( we are both 20). And i know he doesn't cheats on me or whatewer, he never had girlfriend before and he said it by himself that he is not adapted to it, to have a girlfriend ( he is shy little). sometimes he has no initiative like i told before on texting and deciding to meet. only when i tell him he agrees. when i with him i can feel his love but when we apart he doent text me even when i know he has a time. Could anybody explain me this?


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  • Not everyone is into texting


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  • Some people don't enjoy spending their time texting the other person. They consider it a waste of time.