Why do guys hate going out on date an most prefer io hangout indoors?

No matter what age guys I meet seem to prefer to chill or hangout at home rather then go out. An this is in the first stages of dating. Some say yeah let's chill first then do going out later on in dating.

Another guy says dating is expensive which is a turn off cus he's saying its not worth taking a woman out an he's assuming he always has to pay not the case?

An he said which it was easier but thing is with hangouts it makes guys relax an forget it's getting to know you stage rather then getting to intimately know you. It's like they rush from 0-100 with hangout dates and it doesn't feel romantic or like real dating that's going to get anywhere.

Is chivalry and romance dead now with equal rights an guys caring less about getting to know you stage?


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  • Before getting together with you (or any other girl for that matter) going out often meant going out and looking for companionship. The club is someplace you see as fun, but he sees it as a necessary evil that is associated with rejection and pain. Why would he want to return there AFTER finding a girl to spend your time with?

    When seeking the company of a woman, most guys give little thought to what happens after you meet. Indeed, so much effort may have been put into initially meeting in the first place, that it can feel like "now it's her turn". Clearly, that is not an experience you share with the guys you are speaking of.

    Your best outcome may be to negotiate the planning of dates a bit more formally. Make your expectations known and clear. Changing gender roles and changing expectations around dating leave many people without a guide of what is reasonable and expected. In the absence of shared expectations, you will have to actually share your expectations.

  • man the guys you meet are boring as fuck. hang out with me we're gonna go to fucking DISNEYLAND!

    • Lol haha yeah boring guys with one thing on their mind hence why their single lol cus they don't see importance of wooing a girl first then chill hangout dates won't be an issue as long as now an then they go out an have fun

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    • yep, you got it right the first time, their mind is on one thing lol.

  • You're dating indoorsmen and expecting outdoorsman stuff?

    • No I'm not dating anyone I am talking to some guys an they seem outgoing in terms of work an studying an going to restaurant with friends yet as a date they have revealed they prefer hangouts 😕

    • So... hangout dates are 100 while outdoor dates that takes plenty of preplanning isn't... huh... less is more I suppose.

  • Think about it, it will cost a guy anywhere from $20-$70 dollars to take a girl on a date. Women tend to flake A LOT, so you may have to WASTE hundreds of dollars to find a girlfriend. In my mind if she honestly liked me she wouldn't mind hanging out first. To me it signifies she wants to be with me, not just get free food.

  • Chivalry is a war code and has very little to do with the treatment of women, and is long since dead and should stay dead. Romance? You're talking about the first date. A first date is supposed to be something simple like walking/grabbing a coffee/whatever, not a romantic evening full of mystery and passion and adventure, for god's sake.

    • I didn't say romance on first date just something other than a guys bedroom. Well the guys have said they prefer indoor I'd be happy with a coffee did you not read my question. An passion on a first date no don't think so if romance isn't there neither will the passion 😏

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    • Validation lol what the hell you have no idea what I want at all you make assumptions when you know nothing must be bored for you to keep commenting on something you are totally inexperienced in

    • For someone whose not in my head you seem to think you know why I posted this which shows what an odd person you are wow it's shocking !

  • A lot of guys just rush things, and get lazy after a point

    • No but lazy in beginning is a turn off?

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    • The style of dating I find best is to take a girl to more then one place, it's an adventure for me and her not some sit Com :3

      Hopefully you find a guy that's great

    • Doubt it lol thanks anyway

  • Because we get tired going out all day.

    Damn, why women always want to do things? Just relax. You don't have to rush life.

    • Rushing life? How by wanting to go somewhere other than a guys bedrooms I'd say guys need to ctfo

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    • Okay, my bad than.

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  • Sounds like that's just the group of guys you hang out with. When I started hanging with my now boyfriend, we'd go for coffee/sushi and just chat a couple times a week. Now we go on bike rides (outside) at least once a week, joined by a few of our guy friends from high school.

    Chivalry isn't dead. Just a matter of finding the good ones.

  • When a guy offers that to me (like a first date) I assume its a farce for wanting to lead me into sex. Which to me means they don't really want a relationship.

    Chivalry is not what it used to be and its slowly dieing. Romance is what guys do when they REALLY want you. They work harder the more they want you.

    • Yeah I know but I can't expect someone I barely know to just want me without knowing me properly. Yeah I assume so to even when he says no he would go on tinder if he did but thing is guy I last dated said he wanted relationship but will he tried to trick me into it despite saying he could get a one night stand if he wanted.

    • If guy is into you enough he will try to impress you regardless if just met you

    • Well he doesn't know me to be into me an if he was that forward that quick it would be based on looks alone which is wrong type of guy. I'm 22 I've had a lot more experience