Boyfriend's Baseball game?

Sooo I'm going to my boyfriend's baseball game and I find baseball boring (he doesn't know that). I was going to bring a friend but all of my friends are busy... We just started going out, would it be awkward to bring like one of my older brothers or mom? What should I do? (He's my first boyfriend so I'm new to this)


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  • It would be awkward if you went alone I think, bring a family member and let them meet in a casual setting. He totally won't mind, it's understandable even if you did like baseball that you wouldn't want to sit awkwardly alone in the stands! Even if you tell him that baseball is boring to you he will still appreciate that you went to support him and cheer him on!
    I'm so glad my boyfriend and I both hate sports though! We went to a hockey game because his mom and dad like hockey and we all went (we've been together a while now so his parents want me to come to all family outings). But the entire hockey game we were talking about musicals and pretending to get excited about goals.. lol

    • So should I bring my mom, dad, or one of my older brothers?

    • it doesn't really matter I guess whoever wants to go!


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  • Watch him play maybe you will no longer find it boring then

  • u should mention it dat u find it boring... i believe he'll understand

  • u COULD go by urself u know :p


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