Why are most women accepting of overweight women only wanting to dating fit men but most of them are not accepting of fat men only wanting fit women?

First of all, I AM NOT OVERWEIGHT. I posted yesterday about what do people think of my overweight best friend only wanting to date fit women but not overweight women since he is not attracted to most of them. He doesn't think a woman is mean though if they reject him for being overweight. He is ok with being friends with any overweight woman and he never makes fun of them. I clearly mentioned this yet most women posted that he is a hypocrite and things like''He expects a woman to be fit but not lose weight himself?'' Today I noticed a guy on here called ''hot guy'' posted today about his overweight female coworker only wanting to date fit men, and most women responded''she can choose to date whoever she wants, people have different preferences.'' Why is it accepted by most women if an overweight woman does this?

It's sexist!!!
No women responding. What a surprise.(sarcasm)


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  • Fat girls amuse me. My old roommate was 30 lbs overweight and she said she was "really, really picky". I looked at her like "yeah... you are really in position to be choosy". She even slanted me one time when we were drinking saying that I was always being "shoved in the friendzone". I slept with 6+ girls in the apartment we shared. I later got a steady girlfriend (who my roommate despised out of jealousy) who came over consistently. Out of the three years of living with her I saw ONE... exactly ONE guy over only once. My jaw hit the floor. He didn't stick around though.

    You want to be BBW and name your dildo Channing Tatum? Fine. Stay delusional.

    • How many overweight women did you know were this way? Also how did that one guy look like?


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  • I don't have an answer for you. I have noticed this too though.. it's like if you're a fit woman and date an overweight man that's super uncool, but if you're an overweight woman and scored a fit man, bitches be jealous.

  • Everyone has preferences. It's better to stay single than be with someone you're not attracted to.


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  • because feminism

  • men are dominate in society still women are not

    as a result anything women do will be supported by others and anything men do will not be protected

    any dominate group is never protected on any level as the minority groups are highly protected