How to make a third date go well (when the guy is a quiet person)?

I want to ask this guy out on a third date. He's a very quiet guy with a soft voice. He's not the type to take initiative with girls. I'm used to guys who are more outgoing and know how to pull the moves, so he's left me a bit confused as to what to do.

We have had some good converstaions, but it can sometimes be difficult to find a topic to talk about because he doesn't say much. So I'm worried that the next date will be a fail.

Despite this, I still like him. Any tips on how to seal the deal with him? I think he's too shy to kiss me, and he's too tall for me to just lean over and make him. Any tips form shy guys or girls who have dated them will be really appreciated :)

Extra: Our last two dates were at the movies (I know, boring). Nothing has happened yet :(


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  • Get an activity! Summer is a good time for some mini put or even just a picnic. Bowling is always fun. I like activities as you are doing something and moving, but still plenty of time to talk

    • Haha, it's actually winter where I am xP Bowling sounds like a good idea :)

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    • Oh, I think he mentioned he likes rock climbing, that's a really good idea. Thank you so much for your help!

    • There you go! I always struggle to find good dates in the winter... more of an outdoors guy myself. and thanks MHO! hope it works out for you!


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  • Important shy guy info here:

  • By not going to the movies
    get a drink together, then you are forced to talk

    • Yeah, thing is he voice is so quiet I can't hear him in noisy places T-T but thanks for the advice :)

    • Well you can't only drink outside, you know
      A cozy coffee shop or whatever you call it, it should work

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  • change up the scenery and do something fun for a change?

  • Do something fun, anything but the movies! Pick something you'll both enjoy and see where it goes