I know how big love I gave to you?

yesterday u left me and gone... to put ur hand in his hand.. i saw u and i smile broken smile... because im the one who teached u how it feels hand in hand , how the true love kiss look like... i teached u the best of me but i never expect one day u will share it with another... but because i still have big heart... i will consider u as my baby daughter i will be happy to see u happy sweetheart .., cuz i know ur past was full of pains... im not angry to cheat and leave me... all i can say im strong man enough to let u go and say god bless y wherever u go.. just please don't hurt him as u hurt me... he might be not strong enough like me. thank u... and please dont ever come back because u will find my place empty. im just gone.


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  • It's good that you let her go. I hope you are okay.

  • Ehm... clap clap?