I dont make an effort with my looks if im dating someone?

So if om seeing a guy, or even if its the first or second date i dont really make an effort when it comes to my looks. Even if i do make an effort on the 2-3 first dates i'll stop making an effort after a short period of time, if im sure the guy likes me.

I do have a lot of confience in my looks, i dont think i need makeup ( i barely wear makeup, and its no big difference between me wearing it and me naturel). And i know the guy is dating me because he finds me attractive and I also think that if a guy wants to date me he should like me for me and not what i look like when im dolled up.
by the way when i mean not making an effort i mean pretty much wearing plane clothes and no or very little makeup.. I still work out and eat heathy ofc

Anyway, anyone else like this or am i just a bit odd?


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  • If you don't make any attempt to try to look attractive for your prospective partners, how do you think that will fall on them? Would want to see someone who acts like they don't care how you see them? It is often when you no longer find your partner attractive the eye begins to wander.

    • well i do belive im attractive regardless.. i get your point.. and i belive youære right.. but i guess im just a bit too lazy... and its a bit difficult for me to think that a would not be so interested in me just because I dont wear makeup...

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    • i get your point.. but im curious... how do guys see if a girl is trying or not? because even if i dont wear makeup i'll do my hair for example...

    • it becomes evident over time


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  • It's not odd but you will attract less men. Your appearance is what draws someones interest to you before they know your personality.

    • maybe.. but i though guys liked naturel girls... or is that just something some guys say?

    • Guys like THEIR girl's natural look. Not necessarily a stranger.

    • fair enough

  • Sometimes you look good no matter what

    • thats is true!

    • At least he's seeing you even when you're not even trying at all. Imagine when you actually do dress up or make an effort on how you look

    • haha, yeah! sometimes i feel like im "trickling" guys if i wear makeup that makes me look way different... i dont really know why... haha

  • The more natural a woman is the more beautiful she is.

  • If you don't need makeup then you don't need it. If he likes you then he will like you without makeup.

    • thats what im thinking too! as long as im showering daily, doing my hair and wearing clean clothes that should be more then enough if you ask me...

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  • Would you like it if the guy stopped caring and stop trying?

    • as long as the guy does his hair, used clean clothes and showers daily i dont really care if he makes an effort or not...