I feel that there are good women out there anymore?

So many women say that there are little gentlemen out there now these days. However, maybe there are no gentlemen anymore because there are no longer good women out there either. I use to act like a gentleman. However, even after like a gentleman. I would never get what I wanted in return. I wuld ant her to cook naked or wear good looking underwear. THE VAST MAJORITY of women say they want men to pay for dates but excel in their careers (cheap bastards). If I am going to pay for that first date then at least, you hould pay for the second, or I can expect some cooking. Where have all the good women gone?


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  • You're right, there are no good women out there anymore. 3.5 billion women in the world, and every single one of them is just awful.

    • but in reality i can't access 3.5 billion women in the world because I live in one nation

    • Point still stands. Do you really think that every woman in your area is awful?

      I think that thinking there are no good women out there is just as ridiculous as a woman thinking there are no good men out there.

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  • They have gone extinct. You'll just have to work with what you have.


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  • Lol the most im paying for is coffee I'd rather cook for her than pay someone to cook the overpriced food I'm paying for

  • A lot of crappy stupid women out there