Guys when you meet a woman you really like is it normal to want to see her all the time from the start?

Met a guy on a Thursday, he wanted to see me that weekend again but I had plans. Texted me on Monday wanting to meet up that night but I had plans so we met up on Tuesday. He wants to see me again before the weekend.

I really like spending time with him but I've never had a guy be so eager to be around me so often at the beginning of dating. Is this normal if you are really hitting it off with someone?

I don't want our dates to end and they last hours. I just haven't been lucky enough to meet a guy that wants to see me like this in a long time. People usually pretend to be busy if they aren't and spread dates across weeks.

I'm attractive so some guys just fuck with me. He remembers what I say. Do you want to see a women every second when you really like her and are you brave enough to pursue her like that?


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  • Yeah, he's interested in getting to know you a lot better. Frequency of how often could be as simple as he has some free time atm..
    All looks positive


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  • Brave enough... Ha!

    If I were to show genuine interest I'd get written off as "thirsty".

    You're subconsciously thinking of writing this guy off right now...
    You're so clueless.

    • No I think he is pretty amazing. Kind of quiet but smart and honest and open.

      I want to see him too. I guess it's just a little scary for me to let someone in so quickly but I'm ignoring that fear for this one.

  • I think it's normal


What Girls Said 2

  • It's normal but kinda creepy at the same time.
    I like my space... but I'm kinda mean at the same time.
    I get annoyed easily.

  • it is normal.