Tips for going to the club with your boyfriend for the first time?

im 18 and i have never been to a club. Unlike my boyfriend who has a fav club he goes to almost every Friday .
He recently asked me to go with him for the next time. I'm kinda curious nd nervous about it. I mean first time going to a club and with your boyfriend might be kinda awkward. We both love dancing so if we go we will go dance so i dont know if i should wear casuals or short dresses. Any tips, ideas, or info would be appreciated :)


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  • Sounds like you got it right there! Just have fun and dance really, and try not to get too drunk!

    • Just be warned, most guys in clubs on a Friday are looking to get some, so just watch out for other guys hitting on you and such, especially if you are going out dressed in a little dress, even if you dress that way for your boyfriend, you are in public and other guys will most certainly be looking and eyeing you up


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  • Horrible date. It will be extremely loud, obnoxious. You will have no chance to talk and get to know one another.

  • Don't go. He idoit bringing you to the club


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  • just try to have fun and let guys buy you free drink so you can give them to your boyfriend

    • Haha, yeah, he'll love that, if he's 21, of course. She's 18 and can't drink but, if she's dating a 21 year old, he'd love that

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    • You can have fun and not hook up, that is fine. I don't do ONS or sex on the first date myself. I just mean don't do it on other guys money, many women nowadays complain how many men won't buy drinks for them anymore, even those they like, and it is because of things like this. Especially if she has a boyfriend, that is just not cool in my book.