So I prayed last night and told God to help me with life and guys and I had a dream about this guy is that a sign?


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  • Our dreams reflect what we want.

    For example: About two weeks ago, I was really craving tri tip for a few days. One night, I dreamt that I had---like some kind of werewolf----attacked and started to eat a Golem (pretty much a being made of whatever and given life) made of tri tip. It was awesome.

    Not to damper on your beliefs, but it sounds to me that since it was most likely the last thing you thought about before falling asleep, that your subconscious is telling you that you just want a boyfriend. Perfectly normal.

    • No but I do but not that guy that I don't even think about that guy like that yes he is cute but no I don't think about dating him I want this other guy that's why it was confusing and I went to sleep talking to the other guy

  • Im an atheist, however the majority of my family are Christians. Your dream is a coincidence, which many in my family belive is the work of god and one of these coincidences converted my uncle from an atheist to a devoted christian. Its not for me to say what you should and shouldn't believe, but if it makes you happy "knowing" that there is a bigger force out there, the go ahead and believe.

    • That's the thing I just don't know

    • And the thing is you can never really know. My uncle story about how he converted started when my aunt got pregnant and told him that they couldn't be together and raise a kid if he didn't share the same values as she did. So for days he looked for a sign and one day he pulled out a bible and attempted to pray and asked if he was ever to get a sign, that it would be know and he opened the bible to a random page, and it mentioned something related to the problems with my aunt. For him that was enough. Now he is an active member of the church and a scout leader there as well.

    • That's cool for me I grew up in up in a Christian family where we was in church on Wednesday and Sunday so I was born in to the belief

  • If you think so, but probably not.

    • I'm sorry I was just wondering because it's not the first time I've had a dream about this guy and it's crazy because I don't look at him in a crush like was

    • * way

  • I would not know. It depends on the contents of the dream.


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  • Oh god. ...