Guys, how easily would you kiss a girl on the lips?

(This is assuming that you've had previous kissing experience.)

So, how easily would you kiss a girl on the lips? (Just to elaborate, not a quick peck, but more like a lighter version of making out, like more than 10 seconds).

Would you kiss just any girl? Any girl who's hot/cute? A girl you like? A girl you really really really like? I'm just wondering how big of a deal it is for guys to kiss a girl like how I described in the beginning.

Even though I know it'll vary for everyone but I just wanted an idea, thanks! :)

Thank you for the responses but I meant to ask...because I was kissed (not a peck but almost like making out) by a guy, and I just wanted to know how easily guys will kiss a girl like that even if they don't necessarily like them.


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  • At some point, I go in for the kiss on every date. If she moves her head, it's probably means we're not going out again. I'd say 95% of girls will kiss a guy if she is interested in him.


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  • Normally always on the first date, but if it's at like a party just whenever the time is right, not a lot of people around, after some flirting, just go in for the kiss. It's easy to tell if the other person wants you to kiss them.


What Girls Said 1

  • Kiss is diferent when you really like someone. When I don't like so much kiss is poor. You''l know when you kiss a boy you like so much!