Girls, what's this girls thinking?

This girl who says she really likes me, we had amazing two dates over the weekend, now she says she needs time to think cause she can't get overy a broken heart from her past and she's not 100 percent emotionally ready for a relationship... how do I deal with this? I'm so sick right now cause I really like this girl, I haven't talked to her today. Would it be bad for me to text her tomorrow if I don't hear anything from and and just like check up on her and even ask her if she'd like to go out and grab something to eat and just talk about things?


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  • She's not ready for you or for any one right now. She needs time to heal


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  • If she needs time to heal, it's best to leave her alone for a while.

    Hold on to her number, keep your mind preoccupied with other things for as long as you can, and spontaneously strike up a conversation asking how she's doing (and perhaps offering a casual trip out for coffee to catch up). She will likely be at least a little bit flattered that not only did you express compassion, but that she's still in your thoughts after all the time that has passed.

  • let her know that you re not gonna hurt her