Never went on a date?

I'm 21 years old and I have never had a girlfriend or been on a date before. I will be a college senior in the fall and I'm in a fraternity as well as in several clubs at college. I have a 3.8 gpa with a double major in Economics and Finance. I work part time at a grocery store and I have a full time internship with a financial company.

I have no luck with women. Every girl I've asked out said no. In high school I was rejected by 10 girls to prom. They say they have a boyfriend or I'm not their type. I'm used to rejection but at some point I'd like to get married and have kids but at this rate it'll never happen. I'm doing well socially and academically at college but I just can't get a girl to go out with me. Can you offer me any tips/advice?


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  • Don't give up? I don't really know man. Shit like this is like a Rubik's cube to solve. You never really know what you're doing wrong so you don't ever know what to change.

    I view dating like applying for a job. You'll send out hundreds of resumes and get rejected because they're not hiring or the don't think you're a good fit or the retarded and can't see how amazing you are. But you still have to keep applying. I know it can be pretty daunting and deflating but just keep plugging away.


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  • Take a trip to the Marlin in Costa Rica or the Dominican Republic and hang for a while the girls will find you. Women from different lands have different standards, they want someone loyal and happy to have just them.

    When you come back with one, all the women who passed you by will take a second very hard look at you.

  • Girls don't see your diploma work on how you look and dress and pay attention to what types of girls turn you down to see where your luck lies