Boyfriend lied about using sugar daddy. com before we met and paying girls for sex. I feel disgusted by his lying and actions. Am I making a big deal?

I have been with my be for a year. In the beginning he told me that he of course had other girlfriends. I naturally asked how they met and he replied dating sites and other events, etc. I always had a sneaking suspicion that he wasn't I got the whole truth so I snooped through his email (wrong I admit) but I then found my worse fears confirmed. He was lying all along and got them off sugar daddy. com. He paid them for sex!!! I'm not judging these women but I feel disgusted and grossed out and angry and hurt because of his lies.. I find it very hard to be with him now. He finally admitted to it, and downplays it all by telling me that I'm paranoid and he didn't lie, just withheld some truth. Hello!!! Big lie. Am I making too much out of this? Should I accept that he lied and try to get past it? I'm finding it very hard to trust him now


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  • You are wrong in your thinking. In the USA you have tons of smart college girls who are tired of screwing that inmature college boy who is broke, demanding and will hold them back in their school work. So comes papi who gives them a screaming orgasm in a nicely wrapped bow with funds to help her live a little nicer than her friends. Let the world know she is a kept woman who is satisfied.

    The girl that gives it away for free is too damn expensive with all her ego and emotional noise that comes from an empty wagon so to speak.

    The stress you are putting him through makes the sugar daddy girls look better and better, no stress, no problems and actually cheaper than fielding all your feelings which at this time are bad feeling. Think about it.

    I have friends from around the world who come down to the beach and they all have a girl or two who are jumping for joy to see them.

    • I disagree. He dated one of them who gave him genital herpes, took over 90,000 promised to marry him, then split. The other had hepatitis c, lost her children because she got busted with cocaine, and the other was a mess with a son in prison. These women were all in their 40's so they weren't dating college boys unless they were Cougars.

    • Then this plays in your favor, what you have is a fool. Sugar daddy means a younger woman older guy and middle age woman with hep c and kids in prison. Are you sure you want a guy that dumb which means he has hep c.


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  • Anything but the truth is a lie. If he can so easily lie about PST gf's what else will be lie about? Dump him he's totally untrustworthy

  • Why do girls snoop through their BF's emails than say they made a mistake? You knew what you were doing. And wouldn't this always make you seem like a gold digger? Because he has or had money?

    • No he was broke when I met him. Lost his good paying job. Yes I know that I am wrong for digging through email but I just wanted to know the truth. I felt as if he was lying about solo many things

    • So how much was he making?

  • He didn't lie. He said he met them on dating websites, and that is the truth. Unless you asked him specifically "which dating web sites did you meet them on" then it would be a lie. He did not lie to you and you are making a big deal of nothing.

    If you don't think it's wrong for them to sell sex, then why do you have a problem with him buying it?

    He should be the angry one because you invaded his privacy. You went through his emails and that is much worse than something he did before you were together. You say you find it hard to trust him now, but if you did that you never trusted him to begin with.

    You two should break up, he deserves someone who isn't so judgmental.

    • I did ask if they were sugar babies as I got the feeling by how much cash he was spending. He outwardly told me no for a whole year. Then he lied and told me that he only slept with one of them. I saw an email to his friend where he states that he had sex with all of them. I made him go take an std test and he came back positive for genital herpes. Needless to say I'm grossed out and mad. I was wrong for going through his stuff but he gave me his email passwords. I'm glad that I did snoop because if not, we wouldn't know about the herpes. I said that I wasn't judging the girls because I wasn't sure if there were any sugar babies on here and I didn't want to make them feel bad, but yes, I find it all very disturbing and disgusting

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  • I would say if it was a deal breaker if I specifically let him know that I don't like buying sex.. or the idea of it. So if he decided to hide the truth even after I had made it clear, then yes, it would be a dealbreaker.