Why can't I get a guy thats proud of me?

why can't i get a guy that is actually proud of me , like why can't i find a boyfriend thats proud to show me off walk by my side holding hands kissing in public actually acknowledging me as their girlfriend instead of walking all the way ahead of me or behind me & refferring to me as just a friend 😒 like whats wrong w. Me i dont understand , im pretty i dress nice & im a fun person to be around. So why can't i find a guy that genuinely likes me, wants to be w. Me & show me off , not just w. Me for sex or sumthen?


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  • Let me tell you something if in your country is normal to do all these then the problem is his, you better move on that is the best choice there is millions guys around the world if few of them can do that to you dont forget they can have no interest to other people its totally normal just move on and search the right guy

  • here's something you should know about guys: we tend not to show our emotions (especially in public.) if you're having a difficult time getting them to notice that you're into them, then you should consider making the first move.


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  • didn't you complain about one of them calling you slutty? Is this the same guy?
    Have you had this experience with every single one?