Is the sudden cold shoulder during relationships/attempted relationships a power play?

Assuming you've haven't done anything wrong, your previous interaction ended well, and then the person just gives you the cold shoulder, would you assume it's a power play by the other party?


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  • If they're ghosting, I completely support calling them out on it and making them apologize. Then move on. Who the heck has time for games and bs.


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  • Nope, If somebody is giving me drama it drop them and move on. I hate drama.

    • Oh I know that, but I mean is it usually a power play attempt by them to try to entice you to chase them or have increased value of them?

    • Nope they'll get the cold shoulder back. I just don't care. I'm on the introverted side of things so I don't like talking anyway. Them being quiet is doing me a favor.