Girls, totally asked my friendl out over a text message, and it's going on an hour with no response... Is this game over for our brave protagonist?

Yep kinda feeling like it's game over, fully acknowledging she's probably busy and/or napping given the week she's had but, my insecurities are kinda beating the ever living crap outta me lol... I mean maybe she needs some time to... Ahhgh LOL.


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  • how's it going? what did she say back?

    • It's going well! She answered back and we're meeting up. She did take a long time between replies, which honestly worried me a tad, but she did say she wants to go :)

    • oh good! That's great!

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  • Hahaha whats the update on this? Did she reply?

    • Lol she responded, we're going out this Monday. guess she was at a post finals party.
      First date in 4 years soooo KINDA freaking out to be totes honest :P

  • You should have called or done it in person. That being said it's 1 hour she could have taken a nap and you're over here freaking out lol 1 day is grounds for being dissapointed not one hour

    • Lol in person wasn't possible. We've met up at like events and stuff. Probably could've called, buuuut I was kinda nervous to be honest haha

  • Texting for a date? Just cheap and insulting.

    • Lol what's cheap and insulting about that?
      We live an hour away from one another, we don't work together and I'm out of school. So meeting in person was a no go.
      Calling was possible but granted we both have busy schedules and I wanted to give her some personal time after a heavy weak and knowing she had something she does that night and a busy weekend, I don't see the harm...
      I honestly care about her quite a lot, so to insinuate that I'm being cheap and insulting towards someone who I value quite a lot... Is cheap and insulting :/

    • If you cared you would have taken the time to call, you're just making excuses. Guys like you just don't get it and if you did you'd understand why you aren't hearing back from her. Women like to be courted, not texted like a common buddy.

    • Guys like me? You know nothing about me lol...
      I'm the guy who walked for miles to get her medicine when she was sick. The one who carried her when her heels were kicking her ass. I'm there for her... And yeah, I care about her a lot, saying that because I texted I'm some asshole to get is insulting. I concede I should have called her, that's a given, I messed up there. She's my friend before anything and yeah I could have been more gitsy due to that... But I screwed up. No reason to make attacks at me.
      For the record I have since heard back from her, and we're meeting up.

  • Whyyyy did you text her? You literally chose the most dragged out method... I suggest you cook up some popcorn and settle down to White Collar or whatever show you're into because this could be a while. Good luck my friend

    • lol she responded but it was the most sickening wait time EVER. I guess I COULD have called her, buuuut I was kinda nervous as is to be honest with cha

  • not a good sign.

    • Lol yeap kinda asked to get a second opinion but I assumed...