Should I be self conscious about not having a car?

I mean I probably should be self conscious about a lot of other things but this is the one that bothers me. I am a grown man with out a car (to poor to afford one) and long story short my ex didn't very much like it because she felt she was chaufering me around (despite the fact that I paid for everything else). So should I be?


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  • If a girl can't accept the fact you don't have a car then you should find some other girl because the girl would not be worth your time or effort.

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    • @Bluemax with some women that could be a reason though.

    • Suppose a woman simply couldn't afford one at your age. Does this indicate anything to you? Would you start to ask questions or just shrug and let it go?


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  • at this point in my life, i would not date a guy who did not have a car. if i have one, he needs to have one. i would resent always having to drive someone around if they are perfectly capable of driving and getting their own car. i also dont let other people drive my car either.

    if i was a guy with no car, i would focus on dating girls who also didn't have vehicles until i saved up enough money to get one myself

  • There is nothing wrong with not owning a car, especially if you don't have the money to buy one. But I think you should at least have a driver's license so that way you could drive.

  • not at all.


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  • Not having a car at your age may very well be a symptom of other things.

    If my wife didn't have a car at the time I met her, it would be a red flag. I would have to question why she doesn't. Did she lose her license, and if so, why? If she's too poor to own one, why? Bad financial decisions? Lack of ambition? Not intelligent enough to get a decent paying job? Bad career planning?

    For me, not having a car isn't a red flag because I might have to drive her around. It's a red flag because it might (and please note I said "might") be an indication of poor decisions and bad planning if she couldn't afford one past a certain age.

    • For me its poor circumstances not descisions. Long story short I have been trying to make ends meet since I was 19, but with out a degree its been hard and I also live in chicago where nothing is cheap (got to keep lining those politicians pockets) so I have been essentially stuck. I had some money but that is going to school in the hopes of being better off later. I suppose poor descision since it took me so long to finally try to go to school (again bad circumstances) but beyond that not really, I have a license I just can't afford a car.

    • If at thirty one my wife were attending school and hence was too poor to afford a car, it might be a red flag, but not a deal breaker.

      I wish you a brighter future and hope your education goes well. What do you study?

    • I did not have the best of circumstances (in general) in short I was an introvert my family was nothing but extroverts and they continuously undermined me to the point that when I finally left I was basicly a deer in headlights when it came to school ie I had no idea what I should do because they constantly cricticised every descision I made, every plan (not particularly good for ones confidences nor motivation, I spent nearly ten years in a stock room wasting my life (and potential) until I realized this was not what I wanted so I started school. Currently I am still a deer in head lights because what I want to do is philosophy which I am continously reminded has no value what so ever so I really am not sure, just trying to get the associates out of the way first (baby steps) suggestions are welcomed.

  • its a guy thing.. socitety will treat you like that.. but u just have to deal wiith it. i dont have my license or a car. everyone thinks just cuz im 26 i should. bottom line i got into too many accidents and i have some psychological problem to..

  • I don't like driving so I'd prefer not to buy a car.

  • Get a bike its better.