Why would a guy call off a date he set?

I had met this guy - we seemed to get along great and connect on very mature levels. It seemed to be going well. We did text a lot - with a few phone calls - and had met in between all that only once. But even after the date he was texting right away, texted everyday...saying all these nice things and being so great. He had set another date a week in advance, he had a plan for dinner and something simple afterwards, and texted/called all the way up until that day, and then that morning had TEXTED that he wasn't feeling well and maybe we could do it another time. Haven't heard a peep since. It's been 6 days since, and unlikely for him not to contact me. I haven't said/texted anything. At the time he canceled I did respond that I hoped he felt better but that was it.

Anyone have a clue? He seemed like a legit guy, so why would he be talking like everything is great and then just disappear? Should I just keep my distance or mention something?


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  • it doesn't make sence why he would plan a date and then cancel. my theory is that maybe a friend of his told him something and maybe it changed his mind in the way he saw you. I say you should talk to him to clear things out because its better to know than not to know


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  • You'll never have resolution unless you mention something.

    Then you'll have more information to make a decision.



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  • He may have had another girl lined up and be wrapped up with her or he found out something about you