Why does this guy that I've started seeing keep doing this?

On Instagram, we follow each other. And obviously you see what people like, follow etc. I will like a photo of a particular car, a particular drink that someone is drinking and lets say 3 guys/girls together posing and he will do the same of other photos but the same context, and shortly after as well so I can see. Meaning, he will then go and like a car that is the same, the same drink and 3 other people posing together? I've noticed he as well likes photos of girls that look like me. Please someone explain this haha.


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  • guess he wants2 draw yer attention somehow


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  • do you feel he is maybe slightly obsessed with you?

    • Good question. Do you think he might be? It's definitely online stalking right haha?

    • dont want to freak you out for no good reason, but possibly could be. Have u tried to address this somehow? Oh maybe it is just his way of showing you his admiration. Either way it would annoy me :) ask him in a friendly way see what he says. I met a guy through my house share one - he was a friend of my house mates - he kept txting me non stop until i came a cross a picture from one of those fb pages that had a caption saying something - like he texted me 100000 time this morning he might be really liking me. So i posted it on his time line - never heard since. He was harmless just didn't have any clue. Hopefully the. same as your guy :)