How times you looked at someone and wondered what is he/she doing with that idiot?



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  • 3 times, and despite what you may think that i am butthurt, i was right in all 3 times.

    1st guy was a loser who was a drunk. I told her to ditch him she wouldn't. he eventually broke her jaw when beating her and she was sent to the hospital.
    She had some surgery and finally left him but at what cost.

    The 2nd guy was an arab sack of shit who seduced this girl i was friends ( and planning to be more than friends with her ) with tales of Dubai dream life.
    She left with him despite my warnings that Dubai is not friendly to workers and he put her as a working girl.
    She managed to get home after 3 months and without a dime. She's a psychological mess right now and spends all her day in the house and only goes out at night for brief walks.
    We hardly ever talk as she can't talk to well anymore - probably due to the beatings.

    But he was 'so exotic!' and they had 'amazing chemistry and he was fun!"

    And 3rd was known gang leader in the area but this one eventually wisened up in time before something bad happened and she asked me for some money... i think it was about 2000 euros and she left to another city and made a life for herself there away from him and his influence.
    She wrote me a while back telling me she can't believe she fell for his crap.

    So yeah, plenty of fuckheads without a normal future with a lot of beautiful, but sadly kinda dumb girls.
    The girls eventually grow up and wise up.. but by then... they don't look as good and the guys move on.

    • I feel you bruh, I know this guy and he gets ladies I think it's because for the fact that he works and has a house so whenever we chill at his with his girls around he starts drinking and acts like a 9 years old kid (he's 26), all sorts of crap come from his mouth and he does very embarrassing stuff I look at the ladies and think "you could have much better than this". One of his "hoes as he would say" left him I hope the others would do the same.

    • Yeah, never understood this.

      I am an independent entrepreneur. I don't have a "job" from 9 to 5 like most people do.

      Guys who work low end jobs like, i dunno, security guard, doorman, or whatever but have a 'fixed' schedule are always "sooo hot".
      I'm sorry what? Having no time and earning shit while working your ass off is "hot" ?

    • This one works on a take away as his full time job, If he was a sound guy I would understand but no he is the opposite

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  • Pretty often. It just goes to show that we all see different things in different people.

  • So many times... LOL!! XD

  • all the time...


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  • I am usually the idiot with the hot girl, I do have a very arrogant statement that pisses people off, which is like icing on the cake.

    • Get a grip then 👌🏽

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    • How hot is she?

    • Have you every had a Brazilian woman who turns heads and her broken English had all around her stumbling to catch her every word. A woman who loves to walk arm in arm. She is so hot that my phrase is, "don't you wish you were me"?

  • i hae many times but.. only when i know the guy looks like a total loser or junkie and deadbeat but otherwise i really dont care hehe i think we all in a time have said thought that at least once in our lifetimes

  • See it all the time, never ceases to amaze me

  • Yeah especially when you hear they are miserable and the nd lives in his moms basement but stays with him anyway! Regardless of how much better they can see the other side it's puzzling?:$