What does this text message sequence mean?

What does this mean. I have have had girlfriends and texted girls before, but I have never seen something as enigmatic as this. I was texting my school crush. For some backstory, she knows who I am and we are acquaintances. I got her number from a school project. She is freindly towards me and I know for a fact she used to think I was cute and nice a while back. I was going to ask her to prom. but she is popular and very pretty so by the time I decided to ask her, she told me right before by coincidence she got asked and was excited but flirty with me. At prom, she never did much with her date. She is never super flirty or confrontational with me, just freindly and sweet. I started off saying hey. Then she never responded for a day. Well, where I live coverage is shitty but a whole day. Wow. I thought she was never gonna respond but when I woke up at 8, she responded in a lengthy open ended fashion. I wrote back telling her how my summer was and I acted slightly busy but free enough to hangout. I got a response much quicker (5 hours). Which was also lengthy and open ended and seemed very thoughtful. I responded and I am guessing she will write back eventually. Is she just being sweet or is she doing something I have no idea about. I really like her and don't want to mess up. Thanks!


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  • just being sweet

    • Can you try to be a little more descriptive?


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  • Just being nice for now. Does't mean she is interested. You have to give it time.


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  • ok then wot was her lengthy responce about? was it bout u?

    • I will just write the two ones done. It wasn't like a email but It was long for a text. More than a few sentences. 1:Awww thanks for asking! It's actually going really well, kinda hot, but I've had a great start to summer. 2: Stuck at home doesn't necessarily all too fun, but you have a/c right? With his mixtape? Wow that's kinda nuts, but also super cool. How do you help him? I have been getting so many mixed responses from her and it super odd but I really like her. She is just super likeable.

    • Sounds she's interested though.. maybe when she doesn 't respond, she's actually busy i would say