Guys, how should I approach asking him if he likes me and if he would date me seriously instead of just taking me to all of his events?


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  • You ask him " would you be willing to take our relationship up a notch?"


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  • A better description would be good, but maybe he already thinks he's dating you.
    Otherwise ask him if you guys are official or if he likes you more than a friend although don't be too conspicuous.

    • Description: I liked this guy for a while and for multiple reasons we never took it further in the beginning. As time went on I don't know what his feelings were I asked him if the reasons from earlier were why we never dated or if he just didn't like me and all he said was I don't know and I told him that I did in fact have feelings for him but took it as though he didn't have any for me. Then he started asking me to come with him to his events for work, and family wedding. At the work one he intaduced me as his date and the wedding is next week. But I want to know If he will ever be more or even likes me as more than a friend?

  • *reads question* *no more info given*

    Ask him "So uh, how do you like me? Do you enjoy hanging out with me?" and then "Do you think we can try on a date? Pleaseeeeee"

  • I have been that guy taking a girl to events and such really liked her but something didn't seem right, so I never asked her out.

    • But you originally liked her when taking her to all the events?

    • Yeah, we spent so much time together people thought we were dating. She just loved and got tons of male attention because she is gorgeouse and sort of shook my nerves of being able to ask her out. When every guy kept asking her. I've never heard of a guy just taking a girl to events for no reason unless she's family