Girls, Why do they hate me for no reason... I fail to understand?

I am a Quiet/ shy guy who is quite reserved. I have quite a number of guy friends, but are friends with a few girls.
That's coz I don't really talk to girls as I am shy and nervous around them.

However RANDOM girls approach me and tease me playfully and seek my attention, when I am walking in public or going to College. The thing is girls tease me only when they are in a group.

When a girl individually talks to me, she acts quiet, nervous and un-comfortable. It seems like they are scared of me.
When I ask their number sometimes, they give an excuse like , " I don't have a phone".

Also they all make me jealous by mentioning their boyfriends or some other guy the like... It really makes me hurt and frustrated.

So why girls are giving attention to a random guy like me, if they hate me for no reason? I am just minding my own business and then I get hurt in the end.

What do girls think of me... I am confused !!


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  • My personal experience (as a quiet person) is a lot of people dislike quiet people and make negative assumptions about them. But I think it's worse for a quiet guy. Women don't want guys to be quiet, shy or nervous; they want you to be confident. People are more understanding of a girl being quiet, unless she's pretty (then they think she's stuck up)... but for a lot of people, it's not normal for a guy to be quiet and never talk to girls.

    Also, people are quicker to stereotype a quiet guy as being dangerous because many crazy killers have been described in the media as quiet or loners. When you're quiet, people pay attention to you and, if you're a guy, either worry you're crazy or they just want to try and force you to talk (both quiet guys and quiet girls experience this) because they can't understand someone being so quiet or because they think you're hiding something or your quietness makes them curious.

    • Thanks :) I totally get what you mean , although why would they care if I am quiet or not if they hate me. Why can't they just ignore me and don't even care about me?


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  • Ignore the girls. Find women. That sounds like middle school behavior. It sounds like you're being picked on to me because you're just taking it. I don't think women dislike you in the least, I think they're being mean and that's all. It's nothing to do with you or anything you did. Just girls who are being mean. It's not you.

    • Thanks :) I wouldn't say they are mean girls... coz I have seen them interacting with other guys or people at times and they are really nice and humble.

      Also when those girls teased me, they NEVER insulted me, but acted childish and mentioned other guys they found attractive which got me jealous ;)

      Why would they have to pick on me if they didn't care about me?

  • They probably like you... with a group of friends k to always easy to laugh and joÄ·e around && you're alone with some of those people it makes them nervous my guess but i could be wrong

    • Thanks :) But what about the making me jealous part and no number?

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    • I never saw them again ;)

    • Yay 🙌🙌🙌

  • You know what girls can date more than one guy. (=

    • Thanks :) So what is your point? what are they trying to tell me?

    • Well sometimes it's too soon to know these things. lol (=
      Tell them it bothers you when they talk about other guys, there will be guys that are just friends to some girls, it is hard to know unless you ask. So do ask.

  • I dont think she hates you. But next time if she flirt with you around other people then ask to her, do i like you? maybe is too much but that game of "i flirt with you in public but when we are alone i ignore you" is not nice

  • they're more confident in they're groups, and unsure of themselves approaching/ talking to you on their own. If you're nice to them, I don't think they dislike you...

    probably they feel intimidated by you for some reason, like you're good looking or real smart, etc.

    • Thanks :) But why do they make me jealous by mentioning other guys they find attractive or give an excuse to not give a number?

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    • I guess it's hard to say! You need more interaction with people than that to be sure usually

    • That's cool ; ) Thank you very much for your help :)

  • Hate is a strong word, dislike would be a better way of putting it.

    • Thanks :) Why would they dislike a random guy like me for no reason?

  • just ignore them.

    • What do you think is the reason?