Is he just using me? I can't tell?

I started seeing this guy from the gym whose a lot older than me. he's 36 and i'm 21. We get along and he asks me to hang out almost every day or at leasts texts me, but could just be because he's older. We've already hooked up a few times after we we went on a few dates. he took me to the movies today but I still get the vibe all he wants is sex. Like he wouldn't hold my hand at the movie, he just kept rubbing my leg... I don't know, I feel like he wants to see me a lot, yet I don't feel like he takes me seriously at the same time. How could I tell?


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  • He's 36 he's looking to bang before he settles down


What Girls Said 1

  • Dont go out with him.. In the end u would date him for three years... fall in love with the guy and he wouldn't give a shit about u anymore once he had boned u.. u'd basically be wasting three years of ur frigging life!!! U could do far more productive things in three years and maybe find someone better.. The idea of dating someone older is to be loved and guided.. He seems to be giving off a 'only want sex" vibe...