Should I give up?

I been with my boyfriend/ father of my 4 kids for 8 years he proposed to me twice in 3 years and each ring some how disappeared and the wedding plans NEVER happened. The first ring he told me was only to shut me up about proposing and it's starting to seem like the second was for the same reason. Just the other day I asked why won't he marry me his excuse was he rather have that option open if we both want to leave ( meaning no divorce fees I guess) my question is why would a man do this if he claims he really loves you and don't see an end to our relationship? Am I wasting my time? Why am I good enough to pop out his kids, but not good enough to marry I don't get it? Please help!


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  • don't give up dear

    • I'm trying not to, but it hurts it seems like that's excuse to explore his options.


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  • Why is marriage so important? It's just another way the state is able to controle your life

    • It's important because I'm a christen and I ashtray went against my beliefs by having kids before I got married.

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    • OK you're judgment is not needed thanks Anyway... Smh

    • Just sayin you're goin to hell

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  • Ewwww you deserve so much better. I know your in it for the kids but dump this guy and never look back, even if he proposes another 10 times