Should I be worried if a girl is busy for a while but when she is not she doesn't even respond?

Is this bad? I am used to giving a message back if something asks me something and I am too busy or in a position in which I can't respond. Even if it takes a couple of days I still give an answer back out of politeness.

Can this be considered disrepect and lack of interest?

When I cath her and she is available she talks.


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  • Lack of interest and no desire to communicate with you. I don't think it is disrespectful, she is just avoiding coming right out and saying she isn't interested to prevent a confrontation or hurt feeling and/or awkwardness.

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    • This is happens when there is some slight basic interest, but not enough to be self sustaining. Still holds true to no or not enough interest though. It could be just bad timing with your personal lives. Maybe later you two can try again.

    • I think I shouldn't have waited so much to talk with her and I should have initiated faster with her. If she was expecting me to talk with her every day for hours of something like this, and I didn't then she could have felt refused. My expectations were different from hers.


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  • If she's not busy and won't respond, she's not interested. Its the same with guys.

  • lack of interests


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  • Not necessarily disrespect, but it is a lack of interest.