Dating friend ex boyfriend. Is it right?

My friends ex boyfriend is courting me. He just broke up with his girlfriend a month ago but he told me that he's inlove with me last four months ago. His ex girlfriend is my friend, my coworker , my cohousemate (we're renting an apartment near office) and we're close. She told me how she was heart broken about their break up.

The boy and me was close. We we're also co worker for at least one year. We we're almost bestfriend and I am so numb that I didn't notice that he's falling for me for the last four months. The problem is, my co worker don't know about it. Only the two of us knows about he's feelings for me and I can say that I am started to fall in love with him. This is my first relationship. I didn't have a boyfriend before.

Should I pursue my feelings? or should I stop?

It hurts, i know it's not god but I started to like the boy. As of now, no one knows about it except the two of us. We see each other secretly and when we are with them, we just act normal and look as if nothings going on between the two of us.


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  • Tough call. Basically your suppose to back up and support your friends. So when your friends breaks up with someone, you are suppose to support them and share their feelings. Since your friend no longer likes that guy, you should also not like him. That is the mentality anyway. So when you date your friends ex, you are sorta going against your friend. This may cause issues of mistrust between you and your friend. Obviously, not everyone is like this, but you need to tread lightly here.


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  • Well you can sure, but everyone who is friends with you and your friend will likely hate you and lose respect for you... and don't expect to talk tot that friend again

    • what if we will wait until my friend have another relationship

    • Nope, it is still awkward and not worth it to wait like that... It is just not something you do, girl or guy. You can, but those negative effects I mentioned will always follow

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  • I never find that relationships with ex's work out. I think they always fall back into old patterns. But I never went back to one that loved me either. I hope you have better success.

  • that's not right at all

    • i know but truth hurts

  • Trust me if u date him u will lose her as a friend I have been there and done that even when the woman was the one who left him some how they always care

    • As of now no one knows about it except the two of us.