Have you ever personally met a true gold digger before? How did you find out if you did?

I met an actual gold digger the other day and before this girl I can't say I've really met real gold diggers so I do question how common they are and if it is mainly rich men who have to watch out for them. The main way I found out she was one was that she told me she was on a dating website and she always brought up how the guys always kept buying her expensive stuff for her and giving her money. People who also know her were pretty much in agreement that she is seeing these guys for the money. So I do have a few questions here?

Have you ever met a true gold digger before? How did you find out she is a gold digger and do you think she would deny being one if someone called her out about it?

If you are wealthy, do you find that you have to watch out for gold diggers much more compared to the typical "paycheck to paycheck" guy? I feel that a lot of guys who talk about girls being gold diggers probably never encountered one anyway.


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  • I've met a bunch of small scale gold diggers never actually seen a real one that gets with a guy just for the money irl. though i did see one online where a woman was doing on four dates a week with wealthy men saving 1200 dollars month on groceries. she rationalized it as oh they wanted to do it so there's nothing wrong (even though she never mentioned she was dating 15 different men every month). the most ironic part of this was that her boyfriend that she settled down with wasn't even from the dating site.

    • That's crazy! That sounds like that one girl who is trying to get a reality TV show over her "dine and dash" dates to dine out at every restaurant or whatever.

      Was this one the type of girl to claim there's "no good guys left" before settling down?

    • She didn't say anything like that in the interview just how she went out with all these men and saw nothing wrong with it


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  • I meet several every time I go have coffee at the local shop. They gossip about what their boyfriends gave them recently.

  • Yes i did have a bad crush on her but phew i got rid of it