What does she mean when she said ''we should catch up for lunch''?

a girl that I'm close for more than a year told me that we should catch up for lunch since it would be the last time that we would be working together. I have hung out with her in the past but lately since she's busy and already has a boyfriend from the very beginning we did not have time to hang out. We spent a lot of time together in the lab. We do text often, however, I kept my distance and gave her space. Lately, she did not respond to my text messages when I wished her goodluck for her exams and her birthday, but when she saw me after exams she was happy and she even touched my arm, when I told that I will not be seeing her again she doesn't believe me and she was surprised. when I said goodbye after I hugged her, She said we should catch up for lunch sometime. So guys and girls, any advice on what I should do? Thanks


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  • she likes you.


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  • i believe she was very focused on her x-ams and she wanted 2 repay u somehow for not respondin yer texts bro...

  • Go to lunch with her and talk, laugh, and wish her good luck on the future. Don't think too much.