Should girls think twice before playing mind games or hard to get with guys?

I was bullied and teased relentlessly as a kid. One of the common tricks was that people would invite me to an event but no one would show up. They knew I was very gullible and took advantage of that even when I was being my genuine self.

It still hurts me to this day. I simply don't understand why it's weird to question these stupid games. If a girl and a guy truly like each other, one can ask the other out and get it over with.


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  • Have you heard of the popular phrase, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."?

    At some point u gotta start recognizing signs or some kinda pattern.

    On the otherhand, dating/love/relationship is not a "one size fits all " thing. It doesn't come with instructions that automatically gives u a successful relationship. It takes time, patience, & learning from your mistakes. All the best hun. 😊


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  • Sad that you were bullied and gullible the question is what have you done with your life to this date. Sounds like you are looking for a woman when you should be studying to be excellent at something.

    I know a guy who had the same thing happen to him and now he is a prosecutor. In college he had women chasing hime.

  • u should b str8-forward next time then i believe... and just tell em 2 b clear n str8-forward :)