Second date with this guy I met online in a few days and we are gonna drink. How to turn down sex?

We will gonna drink in his hotel and its just to hang out. I dont want to have sex because im still mourning for my feelings for this another guy haha

is he somehow expecting sex or im just assuming too much? How to turn down in case? Or is this even a good idea?


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  • He is at least hoping for sex. And that is not a bad thing. It means he has an attraction for you.
    Just say "I like you but I am not ready to have sex. I just want to hang out".

    A good guy can take this.


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  • Going to his hotel room to hang out is screaming sex! I would avoid going to his room and met at a public place instead and only have a few drinks. Don't get totally wasted.

    • I agree but actually, we live in the middle east and its ramadan. Im not sure if there are bars open

  • Well, drinking in his hotel sounds like sex afterwards. I wouldn't have such a second place. Just cancel the date, or change the place for a more public place, I would say.

    • "such a second date", I meant, sorry.

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    • Well, if you have chatted with him for a long time, it could be considered normal. Still, that doesn't prove anything. My original point stands.

    • I know. You are right. Hmmmmm i'll think about it thoroughly.

  • If you don't want sex, don't go to his hotel room. It was an explicit sex invitation. Find another place for the date (say you have to reschedule and offer an alternative date venue).

    • You are right 😔 Do you think telling the truth is better? I just want to purely hangout. Like watch movie and drink and have a good time but no sex.

    • If you view him romantically, it wouldn't hurt to bring it up... ON the next date, during conversation. Don't do it now, before the date. Just ask for the reschedule and offer the venue change.

      If you're friendzoning him, no need to ever bring up the sex topic, just make sure all your get togethers are in public places and/or with groups.

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  • You're assuming too much but you have the right idea. Let the idea roll for the night and if things start to get serious like something is about to happen shut it down. Tell him you want to wait until you know each other better.

  • not a good idea!