Girls, if your boyfriend told you he was planning on doing steroids how would you react?

Let's say you guys have been dating for 6 months to 1 year and things are going well, and your boyfriend likes to workout and look good, but he wants to take his physique to the next level, and in order to do that he must take some steroids (safe doses of course and under supervision of someone who knows how to take them) how would you react? Would you call off the relationship? Would you support him? Or would you not care?


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  • Truthfully, I think it's his body and his choice. I can promise I wouldn't be a fan of it or like it, but it's not my choice at ALL. My boyfriend smokes and I dislike it to the fullest degree, but he doesn't around me and it's simply his choice. If your girl has issues with what you do with your body and doesn't effect her... that's stupid.

    But just understand that with any chemicals/hormones added to the body, your emotions/etc change.

    I hate that my boyfriend smokes, which he's done since he was 14, BUT the way he got when he tried to quit... fuck... I was ready to light one for him.

    You guys need to talk things out and figure out what she's ready to take on with you. If she can't respect and support you through your choices... reconsider.

    • Wow! Great answer! I agree with you 💯%

    • I think relationships are about fairness. I don't like 100% of my boyfriends habits but they make him who he is, which I like. Everyone has a limit. Talk it out and try to understand each others limits and how much you two can each handle.

    • Will do 👍🏻 thank you

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  • Drugs should never be your first choice, there's always another way to attempt to get where you think those drugs would take you. In this situation, I wouldn't be too fond of the idea and would tell him what I think however, I wouldn't tell him not to take them. It's his choice but he has a right to know what I think.

    • I agree it is a personal choice, nobody is forcing him, but what if he had a purpose for taking them like wanting to start competing in bodybuilding shows, would you support him then?

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    • Ok thank you for your answers :)

    • Sure thing! :)

  • I wouldn't call off the relationship (if she does, that shows that she didn't really care about you all that much)

  • I would punch him in the balls and leave if he actually was still considering it

  • I would not be happy with the choice to use steroids.
    I would have to think about it. I wouldn't want to be around anyone who could possibly get roid rage or whatever.