My best friend is having boy problems and I don't know how to give her advice on it. Please help me out?

She talks about this kid 24/7. Very clear that she is wildly attracted to him on a very deep level. They are working together and from my understanding, he has told her he wants to make her happy and put a smile on her face. I've seen few of his emails/texts and they are really sweet. He calls her beautiful all the time, blah blah. Well anyways she hit a weak spot in the relationship or something because now he has very minimal contact with her. Apparently they hooked up the other day for the first time and the next day his ex girlfriend started a slew of drama and he has been distant since. She's is pretty upset about it. I have not dealt with this type of thing so I don't exactly know what advice to give her. I know he liked her. It was obvious. I had seen them together a couple times and he held her hand in front of everyone and looked at her like she was the most beautiful thing on earth. But seeing my best friend in pain is starting to bother me. Can anyone help me better understand this situation so I can help her out?


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  • My guess is that he's a bit embarrassed about what happened with the ex! i think the best thing is to get her to contact him just to say whatever happened, and whatever WILL happen, iit won't change her felings for him. She chould be open and honest and say she still wants him to make her happy.


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  • You cannot help her out. Listen to her venting, take her out and keep her company. That's what she needs from you.