Help? Telling my bestfriend I like her?

Ok so I'm about to tell my best friend how I feel, I meeting her tomorrow. She knows we're meeting to talk and she knows the subject because she asked I was going to tell her I love her and I said almost and she was like wtf I was joking, this is so weird.
basically I do really love her but I don't want to tell her that as to weird her out. How do I say I like her without being too forward or seeming like I do love her. I want to say I'm unsure how I feel and that I change my mind how I feel about her (which I do) any advice on how to come across?


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  • "and I said almost and she was like wtf I was joking, this is so weird."<--- I'm afraid she finds it weird anywy then... guess better u shouldn't :|

    • Yeah but I still feel like I should tell her to get it or my chest

    • then do it, but i'm afraid u won't get any positive answer bro...


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  • You have to be honest.


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  • are u in the friendzone? or legitimate friends? if you are legitimate friends i would just be upfront and say i really like you and want to take it further than just a crush