Saw this girl at beach for the first time , before that all been at bars?

i was at the beach yesterday and ran into this girl i had seen at the bar in city a bunch of times earlier , there is this little bar on the beach and i ran into her and her gf's there. at first i didn't recognise her than i realised it was her and said hi etc, think she was surrpised to see me there. but they were kind of allready doing there own thing and lying on beach in bikini's , its a very busy beach so lots of other people there as well. i didn't feel like i knew them well enough to join them or sit beside them. i also saw her when she was in lake walking in water with a girlfriend she almost got attacked by a seagull. she appeared to be having a really good time at the beach , i'm just not sure if she enjoyed seeing me or was ready for me to see her in a bikini. she did look really good at the beach , actually better than at bar more attractive for whatever reason. sometimes when i see her at bar things are weird and we don't always communicate well but other times we get along better

anyways i'm just not sure if i handled things right? and since i know she likes beach so much maybe i should suggest we go there again?


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  • It doesn't sound like you know this girl very well at all, more that you look at her a lot and overthink it. If you want to see if sges interested, try asking her out. Otherwise you'll just waste a lot of time looking and thinking.

    • i meet her last November and been seeing her at a bar downtown ever since , we've talked quite a few times and others she's like came up rate beside me and danced. we had never seen each other outside of a bar till I saw her at beach but we have known each other for a few months

    • I'd call that an acquaintance.


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  • yup... it'd b better on da beach anyway... more time and space 4 yerselves :D

  • yeah id suggest u ask her to go to beach with her if she likes it so much, or maybe find something else she likes so it doesn't seem like ur just asking to go some place obvious