Need your advise, please?

Me and boyfriend been together for almost 4 years, i never been this long in relationship before - only 2 months tops! Past before 4 years we decided to take next step, like big step. And now, he getting serious to marry me and me thinking really hard to take it or not. I really like him, alot! But The fact is I'm too scare what would happen next - so many 'unhappy marriage stories' came to me. I still want enjoy the world as much as i can, explore everthing before too late. Plus, my parents asked me so many times about our marriage thing because they want to be there when i get married. So girls or guys, what should i do? I have told about my hesitation to my boyfriend and he insisted with marriage thing. So, i'm stucking with my self. Help me?


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  • If you're hesitant or unsure then you're not ready to marry


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  • I don't think you're ready for it.