Kissing a guy when dating someone?

I have been seeing this guy for like a month and we have gone out and kissed each other and stuff nothing more, but we aren't official. I was drunk at a party and I don't even know why but I kissed this guy for like two seconds that I don't have any feelings for and now the guy I was dating is pissed off and I don't know what to do. I've apologised loads of times and I feel so bad about it and he knows that. Help? Ps, I still really like the guy I was dating and I don't want it to be ruined.


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  • Okay, here's the thing. If he wants to be upset, he can, but really, he doesn't actually have the right to be upset. Why? Because he never articulated to you that he wanted to be exclusive. For all you knew, he has been dating other people himself. Until he says "I want to be exclusive" you can date whoever you want, however you're comfortable.

    I would articulate to him that you are sorry he's upset, for you know that you would be disappointed if he kissed another girl. However, him not asking you to go steady or articulate what he wants means that you do not actually owe him any sort of exclusivity. Then maybe playfully ask if he wants to stake a claim, with a flirty grin. Be playful, validating, and communicate :)


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  • guess he felt jelly and he can't accept u kissed another guy even by mistake


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  • I can see why your boyfriends mad, but it was an accident and he should understand that. Maybe just give him a little time to simmer down.

  • That is tricky because you weren't technically exclusive. If he wanted you to be maybe he should have made it official? Problem is he might not be able to get over it, he might think that he won't be able to trust you if you were together. Maybe just keep trying to apologise and make it up to him