Girls, I was having crush on a girl then she suddenly said no. ?

Hey. I was having this crush on this girl. I mean I was thinking about her in my whole day. Somehow, someone told her that o have crush on her. She came and said I don't like you (she said like , I didn't have a interest in her) but that sentence is fucking in my head. I mean I cannot forget her easily. I was so much love with her. Is there any chance of me getting her? Again? Sometime? Someday? Anytime?

Please I need help. Now I'm in suiciding mood.


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  • you just need to move on and realize that she is just not that into you. AND that's totally okay, because you're only 14, and there will definitely be more and better girls! i was in six grade when i liked this guy and he totally dissed me and i was so depressed and embarrassed, but i got over it. in fact, i realized he's not even all that cute. don't let this one girl make you sad because if she's not interested, she's not worth your time or thought. it WILL be okay, and just try to do things to distract yourself from thinking about her, and slowly, but surely, you'll forget why you ever even liked her!


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  • Go and ask the next girl in the class who is prettier out. It will make her jealous!

  • Forget about her!