Am I wasting my time dating him?

I been dating this guy about nine months. When we first started talking we both said we are not ready for a relationship. So we just been dating and hanging out. There's times we don't talk due to being busy but I think of him a lot. He once told me he's not affectionate or like holding hands with anyone... When two months came he was first to kiss me. He would do boyfriend like things in public that kinda confused me. We never had a dispute we are more a support for one another in never felt this way toward a guy.. A guy who wants to take things slow. We slept together just in 7months dating and I think that got us closer. But the thing is I still haven't met his little girl and he still haven't said he want us to be together officially
Why? Am I wasting my time? Should I bring up why we haven't made it official? Or just be patient.. I really enjoy him when we together it feels right and I can tell he have feelings but won't say his actions shows me different... I think he still have it in his mind that I said i wasn't ready for a relationship but shit I'm ready now. WHAT SHOULD O DO?


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  • It's really overdue. You should have left after 5 mths. 7mths is a long time to hang around with someone who's indecisive and manipulative.


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  • not at all... since u said he does "bf-like" things in public i believe he might b considerin u special then, and he might think bout u seriously in future, since he's not ready for a relationship now

    • So you think I should wait for him to make a move?

    • yeah, but i'm afraid he won't make any move soon :)

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  • He's probably scared of commtiment but it seems he is flirting with you so you should say something its better then waiting cause u dnt know when he wants to tell u. Its OK to just ask then you know where you stand.

    • You think maybe he's scared but waiting for me to say something?

  • I believe that getting things out in the open is important. Letting him know that you would really like to meet his daughter and establishing whether you are exclusive will provide you with a clearer picture of where he sees your relationship. A healthy relationship is about open communication.

    • I don't know how to start the convoy... Like on person or on the phone?

    • I would lead into the conversation in person that way you can check out non-verbal as well as his verbal reactions. If this conversation is entered into on the phone I think it would be less personal.

    • I'm going to speak to him in person just real nervous though.. I never been nervous just around him Is that weird.. I have all kinds of emotions running through me