Can I kiss her at the beginning of the date?

We have been dating for a month now, but have only had two official dates and several times where we hung out in a group setting. I'm going to see here agin later this week in a group setting. We also have not shared our first kiss yet. Knowing that we are the people who arrive early, I was wondering if it would be acceptable to kiss her then.

I don't know if this factors in, but we are both High School Seniors, and this is the first time either of us has dated.


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  • In my opinion, in the end is more romantic than if in the beginning. But if in the beginning you guys end up having a "moment" like in the movies and books were it is unexpected for both of you, then by all means do it! If you guys are having a moment and it is not just you that is having the moment it will literally be a perfect first kiss. So, what I am trying to sort of explain is; you could hope you guys have a "moment" during the date to have a more romantic perfect first kiss. And if it docent happen during the date, just wait until later on. Maybe a different day or date. Or just do it after the date is over. It'll still be romantic but not as perfect if it would have been done while having a "moment" GOOD LUCK by the way

  • yeah you can.


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