Why is it that everytime I try to make dates plans. I get screwed around. is that normal?

Why is it that everytime i try to make dates plans. i get messed around. is that normal. it's not just 1 person by the way its tons.


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  • Do you arrange to make plans with girls you meet on the internet? If yes, then that's a very common thing.


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  • Messed around? ?

    • like. sure sounds good. and then later it's like maybe another time. next week. after my exams. so many excuses

    • That happens to me to, I'm like did you forgot or am I not that important to you,

    • some girls do that. They agree when you ask them, then cancel later because they somehow think it's less cruel and mean and not as rejectful


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  • I have the same problem :( its like every guy I kinda like or really am into it never gets to a date and if it does it never gets to the 2nd or 3rd date!!


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