Why would she act cool about it then blow up?

Some girl on snapchat sent me a bunch of text asking for a nude. I rejected him took a screenshot sent it to my girlfriend she laughed and told me to just delete her. She was on my bestfriends list. I never deleted her because I didn't even know how. Next day she sends me a paragraph saying I think it's funny how u don't even know this girl who she is she just randomly adds you and your username asking for photos of you. Then you don't delete her after I asked you to?


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  • Maybe she was just pretending that she's cool with it.


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  • My guess would be that as you didn't delete her, your girlfriend probably thought you were like keeping that girl's contact for some reason (and whatever it could be, she would be pissed about it).

    Be honest: tell her you don't know how to delete, but if she can do it for you, you'll be pleased and learn it with her.