Did I messed up?

I've been talking to this guy almost everyday for almost 3 weeks now. We got together really well cause both of us had a very unpleasant past. Yesterday we were talking about i should say something like "i have a bodyguard" to guys who are trying to hit on me, then i said you should say "i have a very beautiful p. a" to females who are trying to hig on him. Then after i said that it took him hours to reply, then i told him you know i was joking rite? Then he only answered with "haha". I only read that message he sent me. Then he message me saying he wasn't kidding when he said that bodyguard thing. Now i don't know what to respond.

Was i wrong for saying it was only a joke? What shoukd i do now? Im clueless

  • You messed up and there's nthng you can do
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  • You messed up but you can fix it (explain how)
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  • You didn't mess up
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  • Did you say penis?

    • P. a? Its short for personal assistant

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    • I feel really bad now cause he said he wasn't joking :(

    • Tell him you aren't either

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